J1939 J1708 Connector

Our cable made of our home-built J1939 & J1708 connectors have been widely used as a replacement for the high-cost Deutsch connectors. However, if you specify brand for the connectors, we will 100% offer the original connectors according to your request.

J1962 OBD Ⅱ Cable

Dlinks has the best selection of J1962 OBD-II cables and connectors in the world, at the lowest price just because we are the end MFG and we can provide you customized service in efficiency, plus that we are experienced in OBD cable manufacture.

M/F Passthrough Connector

This conn integrates J1939 plug and receptacle to realize smaller size.Wire connect out from good angle is good for drivers.We are the original designer and mfg of this special conn. J1939 type-2 is also available.

Car Diagnostic Tool

We manufacture cable and build mold to produce plastic shell for car diagnostic tool supplier. We are licensed to sell tool kit with our cable and shell with much competative price.

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