About US

DlinksTech is headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong China. We produce cables & connectors used in automobile industry & communication with much competitive price, but the quality of our products and services are our number one priority. We are a leading manufacturer of cables, connectors, wire-harness and subassemblies  to Original Equipment Manufacture (OEMs)in a wide variety of industries from Instrumentation and Industrial Equipment to Medical and Storage.
We have strong R&D team  in cable, connector and mold development to provide you ODM Solution
Customised Solution:  prototyping → module solution →  manufacturing →  testing →  after service update
Our engineers are always ready to provide best possible solution to assist our OEM Customers. It is the mission of DlinksTech to provide our customer a high quality connectivity solution at the most competitive price with the shortest possible lead-time.We create several check points with an accordance to the characteristic of each item in every manufacturing process to minimize our defective rate. We also apply post production testing for further enhance our product quality assurance.we utilize numbers of shipping companies to meet customers' needs and to provide most efficient shipping available.
we have our own molding plant in our factory to gurantee our efficient customized service.
We have customer from Canada write to us an email saying that '  We know this is a rush but our previous supplier was unable to meet the delivery schedule and we are in a time crunch this month.  Whatever you can do would really help us out and would certainly help our relationship going forward. '   We understand and treasure every customer who is willing to give us chance and have expetations on us. When asked if it was something our company could do, we replied without hesitation: ' Absolutely. ' How would we pull it off? It didn't matter, because we simplu knew we would. What mattered was the commitment to our customer, no matter what it might take. This spirit of customer service and " can do " mentality permeates all that we do at Dlinks Tech. Although we mostly focuse on what we do best, we take to heat every committent we make to meeting or exceeding our customer's expetation in every way. We are Chinese manufacturer who can offer you comparatively high-efficient production and service for you, and the Chinese good price. We started factory and focused on OBD, J1708, J1939 diagnostic cable and wire-harness production since 2005, and we are gald to receive customer feedback saying that they like our workmanshio. We understand that our commitment to quality is directly related to our customer's satisfaction.  We know that some of customers may not always be buying just the product we ship our the door. They expect a responsive staff that can help them achieve their goals. Sometimes that means we have to solve an engineering problem, sometimes it's locating materials they can't find, but more often than not, it's the effort of everyone on our staff, in every department, understanding we all play a cretial part in our customer's success.    So when you ask, ' Is Dlinks Tech the supplier for us? ‘ We can reply without hesitation: ' Absolutely '