HD16-9-1939SE Duplicated Home-built J1939 9Pin Plug

HD16-9-1939SE Home-built Duplicated J1939 9Pin Plug

Item No.: J002
9 Skt Circular

Product Description


As a cable manufacturer in China, we'd like to get parts with short L/T, and good cost for cable we produce, especially for our foreign customers. That's why we build most of parts on our own to reduce limitations. we have our own molding plant in our factory to gurantee our efficient customized service. We believe our efforts on this aspect could benefit our customers. 


We also sell our self-built connectors to other cable manufacturers in our industry. 

More and more suppliers and customers choose to use our self-built connectors since we provide a pretty competitive price without compromising quality.


The color is customizable. We also build  J1939 9 Pin Newest Version Plug and Rcpt, J1939 9 Pin Old Version  Rcpt, J1708 6 Pin Plug and Rcpt . You are welcome to try our cables made of  our home-built connectors. We recomend you our self-developed and produced J1939 Plug and Rcpt integrated connector which has smaller  size and compatible. It is popular and our part number is CJ010, you can find more info just by typing the part number in the search box at the top of our website. 


UNIT: mm


We produce this Plug, Cbl, 9 Skt, Circular, CAN 1939, IP67, S13 connector according to the spec of  Deutsch HD16-9-1939SE one to help you save cost for your cables made with this connector. It has been well received in US and Canada market.



Material: Phosphor Copper


We produce this Cont, Skt, 16-20 AWG, Size 16, Gold, S13 contact according to the spec of  Deutsch 1062-16-0644  to help you save cost for your cables made with this contact. It has been well received in US and Canada market.


We can mold the Deutsch part number on the connector to confuse ourcustomer, however, we'd rather to remove it to  seperate it from the original connector. If you use this connector which actually made in China, most possibly it is a duplicated connector just get the Deutsch part number on it.


You can pay much less to import directly from us  since you do not have to be told that the price of the cable is a bit high because the cost of original Deutsch connector is high.


Immediate response will be made if you could send your inquiry directly to the email boxdaisy@dlinkstech.com  Please specify [ Inquiry + Part Number ] in the title of your email.

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