Smart Cable for GPS Tracking

Bluetooth Vehicle Integration

Item No.: DS001 002 003 004
Smart Cable

Product Description

Smart cable is designed for GPS tracking . The cables we listed here function only when it connect to a certain

customer's device. So it is a highly customized cable. 


We own mold plant in our facoty and we can build almost plastic parts of any shape, so the box in middle can be of

the shape you require.


It is believed that owning a mold plant in our factory to garantee us flexibility in time and quality would definetely

benefit our customers.


Our mold plant build mold for other suppliers too, but priority #1 is to make sure all needs for mold from orders of our

own has been met.


The programming file is provided by our customers for PCB process. You can specify a PCB factory you prefer. If

you don't have a preferred factory, we have our cooperated PCB factory which have been providing us PCB service

for years.


You have to offer us your specific test scaffolding to make sure all the cables produced in our factory passed your

specific test program before shippment.


To protect our customers' technical info, here are all the info for the Smart cable we produce.


It is smart to build smart cables in Dlinks.


We are experiened and we could offer you pretty competitive price.