J1939 Y Splitter Connector to Open Cable

Self-developed J1939 M/F Integrated Conn to Open Cable

Item No.: CJ010
Deutsch 9Pin M/F together

Product Description



Self-developed J1939 M/F Integrated Conn to Open Cable

This is a new Deutsch J1939 9Pin connector upgraded from the standard Deutsch J1939 9pin connector.

This connector integrate J1939 male and female together, the total length is 6cm,
 it keeps the previous 4 screw holes and the lock on the female rcpt, the internal structure is same as previous one,
 so it can be used in the standard Deutsch J1939 9pin device.

There are 2 strong points in this connector: it is more smaller and the wire connector out from the good angle so it is good for drivers; 
The male and female is integrated together to connect a J1939 male connector, it can be used for other device.
Compatible and space-saving, convenient and maneuvable.





We have update this cable to match  the specification of the newest green deutsch connecor HD16-9-1939S-P080 and HD10-9-1939P-P080. Here is our J1939 M/F pass-through connector to open 10 meters cable with OD9.0mm.

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